BCN Workshop - IED

BCN Concerie and IED - Leather Workshop

Genuine leather is one of the most important materials for the fashion industry, both for the versatility of the characterizing and for the product durability. Leather is one of the upcycling techniques the historical symbols.

In particular, our team shares the passion for genuine leather, notably BCN Concerie president, Dr. Roberto Lupi: the company is proud of the opportunity to speak in IED, that’s an institute of high design education.
The Production Manager at BCN Concerie, Iari Sani, gave a lecture on calf and baby calf leather material, for which the Tuscan company is particularly well known.

A dynamic workshop, in which students specializing in accessories design have intervened with numerous questions: they’re interested by the complexity of production and the numerous parallel activities in response to creative and sustainability needs required to, or promoted by, BCN.

The Manager Sani and the professor of Materials Technology, Eleonora Berghella, have used shoes and bags to show the peculiarities of items different types: it’s essential for future designers to predict the real performance of a project.
BCN often welcomes students in the company, providing experience for the varied world produced internally.

The training also involves experimentation and observation, especially with accessories for passing compliance tests for a high-level performance, as in the case of BCN leather.

The future of Made in Italy fashion also depends on the training of future professionals, since the importance of the leather recovery and enhancement to obtain more and more results in terms of sustainable innovation.


BCN workshop at IED