GOBACK is one of BCN projects created to advance the company in view of circular economy and "zero waste", with full guarantees for our client’s intellectual property.

Let’s start with a promise: you will find items able to communicate ideas and messages on brand luxury store shelves, and these are the research and development of brand’s and supply chain’s work.

There would be that a client doesn’t choose a leather order for various reasons; for example, because the final item doesn’t product anymore.
BCN Concerie produces finished leather of calf and baby calf and produces on commission with specific contract.

Our interest in a brand’s intellectual property protection makes it impossible to market these products, even when they meet all the standards. So, we send to destruction the lot.

Into BCN Concerie wondered if there could be other ways to protect the customer and recover leather, without damaging environment.
From this question GOBACK Project was born: the aim is to identify a method and create an integrated system to remove the finishing, bringing the leather back to crust, that is a semi-finished leather to be finished.
The method we are testing is producing great results on various finishing types, attending for requests to avoid waste of products and economic resources.


BCN collaborates with Apuania Srl , BF Engineering Srl , Eurosoft Srl