Sustainability award 2019

Sustainability champions: this is the award received during the UNIC Annual Assembly on 3 December 2019.

Our company received this award in recognition of its commitment to social, environmental, economic and product origin best practices, in fact we got an ICEC certification for each areas.
BCN Concerie is constantly committed, as evidenced by all the certifications accumulated over the years, in improving our activities on many fronts: the environmental, the ethical-social, health and safety in the workplace; also on the fronts of quality to protection the origin of Italian production, the traceability of raw materials, the management of internal testing laboratory, for which we work on monitoring the management of chemicals.
We firmly believe that the results we are able to obtain are the only incentive to do better and better.
A heartfelt thanks goes to all our customers, who constantly push us in the search for perfection: after more than 80 years of history, BCN Concerie's path continues!